Divi Theme is the most powerful drag and drop page builder theme and it has ability to create any kind of WordPress website in shorter time that is already proven by many studies found on the web. Business Consulting is a mighty industry and in this industry everyday tons of new websites are created and published on the web. Divi Theme is the ultimate armor to create your dream Business Consulting website with much ease and conforms than any other theme or framework.

In this tutorial we will share 10 best examples of Business Consulting Website created with Divi theme.

1. James Robbins


James Robbins is a divi theme designed website that includes a hand-written logo and full-screen image with tagline. The scrolling section reveals an information section with testimonials, categorized information with bullets, images, video, and CTA’s. Furthermore the following includes a full-width image with company quote, blurbs of services, and CTA’s.

2. More Sales Advisors


More Sales Advisors is also a divi theme designed WordPress website that includes a full-width image slider with CTA, an about section that covers the services provided, an about section with link to About page, and a full-screen image with overlay in parallax about the owner. Throughout the homepage are slim sections with business quotes and stats. The About page provides company info in sections with each section in a different color.

3. Andreas Dittes


Andreas Dittes is a WordPress website created with Divi theme uses a full-screen slider with CTA’s followed by a testimonial section, a Mentioned In The Media section with media logos, a contact button, and a footer with links.

4. Pamela McCauley Bush


Pamela McCauley Bush is a boxed design with an image, quote, and CTA on-screen. Scrolling displays an About section with button and embedded video, a Recent News section with image and text, an awards section with an image and text with link to the full story, a three-column section with text links to the blog and various articles.

5. Arndts Business Club


Arndts Business Club website is designed with boxed layout. The homepage section includes a full-screen image with CTA overlay, a mobile-style right side menu with label, pages in a grid, a nice calendar system animated CTA for each of the events, alternating images with text that have branded colors as backgrounds and horizontal module separators, sign-up form and more.

6. Hill Consulting


Hill Consulting is a one-page designed WordPress website that includes a full-screen background with overlay in parallax with a hamburger icon for the full-screen menu and dot navigation.

7. Niklas Modig


Niklas Modig is a WordPress website that is designed with Divi theme and displays a full-screen image in bold red color and a tagline with down-arrow. Scrolling reveals a section with newsletter signup, a two-column section with image collage and information with CTA’s, a styled testimonial section with an image collage in the background, a CTA, personal quote, embedded video etc. sections.

8. On Point Coaching


On Point Coaching includes a large logo and a full-width image with post slider. ollowing this is a two-column About section with CTA, another section shows company and client goals, a testimonial, information about the process, a section in parallax that discusses measuring success and several sections to catch users attention.

9. Collaborate Consulting


Collaborate Consulting uses a full-screen image with tagline, an About section with title that stands to one side, a three-column section with an image and information with links, a section highlighting the ideal client followed by a section with icons for the sectors that are served.

10. Alison Crabb


Alison Crabb displays a message with tagline and an About section with image and contact button. Following this is a section describing the services using text and a chart, a CTA with free download, a quote from John Maxwell, testimonials, and a contact section.


The above 10 example websites are business consulting websites that are created and developed by Divi Theme and these examples are provided to show that Divi can be used to create any consulting agency website you want. No matter what type of  projects you hold either a simple brochure or a large site with blog, courses and workshops it can be built with Divi.

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