Divi makes it easy to add a Video Slider to your page. This is a great way to organize collections of videos from just about any source. The video gallery also allows you to customize video thumbnail images and play button to add a clear, customer style to your embeds.

Divi WordPress Theme

Video Slider - Divi 2.5

Divi Video Slider Module

  • Display Image Overlays on Main Video – This option will cover the player UI on the main video. This image can either be uploaded in each video setting or auto-generated by Divi.
  • Arrows – This setting will turn on and off the navigation arrows that appear when you hover over the main video.
  • Slider Controls – This setting will let you choose to use the thumbnail track controls below the slider or dot navigation at the bottom of the slider.
  • Slider Controls Color – This setting will make your slider controls either light or dark in color. Slider controls are either the arrows on the thumbnail track or the circles in dot navigation.

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