An advanced design setting in Divi varies from module to module. For each, Divi theme developers add all the possible design settings that you could ever want into the Advanced Design Settings tab, and kept all of the basic/more commonly used design settings in the General Settings tab. As a general rule, if there is something you can’t do on the design-level within the General Settings tab, then you are free to venture into the Advanced Design Settings tab.

Divi WordPress Theme

To locate and use the Advanced Design Settings, simple edit an existing module, row or section (or create a new one) to open up the settings popup. Next click on the Advanced Design Settings tab to reveal the design controls.

Advanced Design Settings

From within this tab you can do just about anything. Settings will vary depending on the type of module you are editing. Typically you will find options to adjust typography (such as text size, letter spacing, line height, etc), spacing adjustments (such as custom padding and margin values), color options (such as text color, overlay color, column BG colors) as well as a slew of unique settings for certain elements.

Custom CSS Settings

In the Advanced Design Settings tab, Divi theme developers have created so many options that you can do just about anything that can be done with CSS (without touching a line of code). If you are a developer, however, you might prefer to write your own code instead of using our custom design controls. In this case you can use the Custom CSS tab, which can be found right next to the Advanced Design Settings tab in the modal settings window for modules, rows and sections.

Custom CSS Settings

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