Elegantthemes provides the best quality WordPress theme (Divi Theme) which is currently used by thousands of WP sites around the world. Divi theme provides tones of unique features to create any kind of website you want for your business. It’s so powerful, quicker and efficient WordPress page builder that you don’t need to learn coding to develop your site even though you’re novice to WordPress.

Divi WordPress Theme

So, today I will show you how you can download and activate Divi theme on your WordPress site.

To download Divi theme you need to join in Elegantthemes membership so that you can access not only to Divi theme but also other associated products that you will get with your plan.

Let’s say you’re not a stupid, right? So you should grab a $19 discount on Developer subscription which comes as special price for $70 (only) and you can have access to everything except “One Time Fee”

If you buy “Personal” plan you can’t get access to every product and you have to pay $69 but with only $70 (20% discounted) you can buy Developer plan and grab every Elegantthemes product which a great opportunity to access all Elegantthemes premium products.

So you want to buy Developer subscription with $19 discount rate.

Go to this page and click on “Sign Up Today” to buy Developer plan with 20% discount rate

Join Elegantthemes

After buying Developer plan you can get accessed to your Members Area where you can download every elegant product.

You will see your Account Package is named as Developer

Developer plan

Scroll down the page a little and you will see 7 Plugins under “Plugin Downloads”

Plugin downloads

Again scroll down the page and you will see 87 amazing themes including the revolutionary “Divi Theme”

Theme downloads

Finally scroll down the page at bottom and you will find a Tumblr bonus theme “DailyNotes”

Tumblr theme downloads

You will have access to all these products for one year, after that you have to renew your account.

You can even grab a lifetime membership with 10% discount rate.

Downloading Divi Theme

Now click on the “Download” button right after “Divi” and choose current version and save it on desktop

Divi current download

Login to you WordPress site account and navigate to Themes −> Add New −> Upload −> Browse Divi Theme −> Install and Activate Divi Theme.

Updating Divi Theme

Divi theme can be updated with “Elegant Themes Updater” which you can download the Zip file here.

Now choose Plugins −> Add New

Add new plugin

Browse “Elegant Themes Updater” −> Install Plugin −> Activate

Browse File

Activate plugin

Go to Settings −> General

Choose general

Scroll down the page at bottom where you will find “Elegant Themes Automatic Update Settings”

Elegant themes automatic update

Type your Elegantthemes account Username

To get API Key click on “Elegant Themes API Key”

You will see your Personal API which you can use to update every Elegantthemes product on your WordPress site.

Your personal API Key

Now copy your unique API Key and paste on “Personal API Key” area and click on “Save Changes”

To update Divi Theme choose Dashboard −> Updates

Scroll down the page a little and select Divi

Update themes

Click on “Update Themes” and you can see Divi theme is successfully updated.

Divi theme updated

In this way you can also update Elegantthemes plugins.

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